An Independent Democrat for the Fifth Ward

My name is Chip Smith, and I'm committed to making your voice heard on Ann Arbor City Council. With 15 years experience as a city planner and placemaker throughout Michigan, I bring a deep and informed perspective on how to move Ann Arbor city government forward.  

Why I'm a Write-In Candidate for the Fifth Ward
I’m running because I am concerned we’re at a critical juncture.  We can’t stop making investments in tomorrow, but there is a movement afoot to focus on the now at the expense of the future.  We can’t stop looking ahead because, if we do, then the emerging hub of technical innovation in Ann Arbor will stop growing. We cannot turn our backs on regional transit – moving people around INSIDE Ann Arbor’s boundaries isn’t good enough because we are a regional job center. We need to move people into Ann Arbor from other communities.  We also need to stay the course on becoming a truly pedestrian-friendly community with transportation and housing choices.  And we need to be an inclusive community, that welcomes outsiders and invites people to join our community while sharing information and data freely and openly. 

Candidate Chip Smith & Family


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- Chip Smith

"I'm not a politician, I'm a policy guy. I'm doing this because we lack substantive policy debate."

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